A reflection on the darker days ahead

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Last night was Halloween, my favourite day of the year.

This sacred day is celebrated across the globe in many different ways. From the pagan holiday of Samhain to Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, Diwali, Pangangaluluwa, Pchum Ben, and Ognissanti; each culture has its own unique traditions for honouring the shift towards the darker months of the year. Our ancestors teach us that a resistance to death is a resistance to the cyclical nature of the world- you cannot comprehend light without darkness, and you cannot have life without death. Thus these celebrations are times to honour the darker days that lay ahead and call us to embrace this darkness with open arms. It is a beautiful reminder that our spirit lives on beyond this earthly realm through memories and legacies, and that we wear the spirits of our loved ones on our souls.

Last night's festivities were put on hold for many Canadians due to a monstrous wind-storm. Roofs were torn off buildings, telephone poles flew across streets, my condo felt as though it would fall from the sky, and children were put to bed without any treats.

Upon waking up this morning and realizing that my personal world was still in-tact, I began to recognize the greater message behind last night's storm.

I believe that those wild winds which tore through this concrete jungle last night were a call for help.

“You are killing me”, Mother Nature was crying out to us as we shut ourselves in.

Climate change is no longer up for debate, and we are reaping what we sow. From the abnormally horrific forest fires along the West coast to the Amazon, to hurricanes and floods, the world is seeing more natural disasters occurring in tandem than ever before. This Halloween storm was no coincidence.

We as human beings have devolved to wholeheartedly believe that the earth is ours to manipulate. By altering the face of our landscape, we destroy our own mother and thus our own soul. But where do we return to when this earthly existence is over? Our relentless pursuit of dominance and authority is out of ignorance and fear of losing our false power. You cannot tame that which is wild; and we must remember that we are wild, too. Our mother’s ecosystems function perfectly as they are- just as unborn babies twist and turn to birth themselves into this world without ever being told what to do.

Pachamama follows her innate, cyclical, biological, rhythms while we become more disconnected from ours than ever before. Her trees provide shelter from the storms, and the storms feed our waterways. Her waterways are the veins of our larger body, yet we pollute them with toxic waste. Simultaneously we pollute our minds with toxic waste and thus the cycle continues to break down. Our ancestors teach us to give before we take and to put the other before the self, we are called to listen to their wisdom. When I exhale, you inhale the air I breathe.

We are all connected through the cyclical nature of the universe.

There is so much that we can do to tend to our Mother Earth, and it starts with a recognition of our own interconnectedness. We must remember that we are part of a greater picture, and that every microcosm impacts the macrocosm.

How will you step up?

And with that I send you all my love and light.

Thank you for listening.



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