A ritual to honour your shadows for tonight's supermoon in Scorpio

Dear friends,

Tonight is the final supermoon of 2020 and it is an intense one in the sign of Scorpio. Each zodiac sign correlates with a Major Arcana tarot card, and Scorpio is represented by the Death card. Although that may sound scary as we as a society are so terrified of death, we must remember that death is not the end. In all traditional cultures death is merely a rite of passage. Rather than seeing death as an end, we are called to shift our perspective to seeing it as a new beginning.

This moon marks our collective rebirth.

The Scorpio moon about confrontation, cleansing, detoxifying, and releasing what no longer serves us. She reminds us to let go of what is past its expiry - whether that be habits which hold us back, resentment, guilt, expectations, or fears. It is time to say goodbye to our old patterns of behaviour and embrace a “new normal”. It is time to forgive and forget, to take the lessons from our past and level up, and acknowledge what is hiding in our shadows.

With that being said, I offer you this full moon ritual. I will be practicing it tonight and I invite you to join me. When the sun goes down and the moon peeks out at us, go outside. Stand under the light of the moon and look at her glory. Listen to what she has to tell you, without judgement or expectation. Simply listen as she shines light into your shadows. Then go inside to your sacred space and light a candle to remind you of your inner light. Pull our your journal and write down what the moon told you, whatever comes up is what needs to be released. Consider what is in your shadows. What pain are you holding in your heart? Write it down. Then let it go - tear the page out of the journal and rip it up, burn it, or burry it. Or, colour over the page with a black marker. Then visualize all of the things that you had written down on the paper, take a deep breath, and release all of those things on the exhale as you blow out the candle.

With love and light,


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