Cultivating creativity

Did you know that research indicates that when an evaluator is present people are drastically less satisfied with their creative work? The presence of a judge or critic worsens creative performance across the board, whether someone is skilled in their craft or not.

Now try to recall the last time you created, crafted, dance, sung, put on a performance, or made a delicious meal just for the heck of it.

Can’t recall?

You’re not alone.

We are creative beings, yet we are afraid to create simply for the process of creation because we get so caught up worrying about the outcome. In our world of timelines and due dates and others telling us what is “good”, many of us have lost this essential practice of creativity in our daily lives.

But creativity is central to our human nature.

Ultimately everything we do in this lifetime is a creative project.

And when we “drop in” to the creative process, whatever it is that brings you into a state of flow, it is a form of active meditation.

Remember that at the end of the day, your creative work only really matters to you. There is no other person in this universe who your work will matter to more than yourself. So do it for you, and don’t worry about the outcome.

I challenge you to tap into that inner childish nature and remember those things that you LOVED to do when you were 5 years old.

Report back when the mission is complete.

With love,


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