Reflecting on 2020 thus far

2020 has already been a whirlwind, and it has only just begun... And in the grand scheme of things, this month is only a blip in time. If you are like me and have been navigating conflicting feelings regarding the state of the world we live in ~ know that you are not alone.

The fires in Australia have left me feeling terrified for the state of our Mother Earth. The joke of a “government” in the USA has me feeling perpetually unsettled for fear of the lives of innocent, vulnerable people [and I’m not talking about North Americans]. The horrific tragedy of the Ukrainian Airlines crash has shaken up the entire country; I was in an Uber the other day where the driver [who has been in Canada for all of 7 months] sobbed for our entire 30 minute drive about how he fears for the safety of his family back home in Iran [and for the safety of his 8 year old child here in Canada]. The earthquakes in Puerto Rico, airplanes dumping fuel on racialized children in LA, and indigenous people being murdered nearly every single day here in Canada.

Every morning I wake up and check my phone with a knot in my belly thinking to myself “what next?”. I can only imagine what this feels like for those who are directly impacted by the injustices unfolding across the globe.

We can look at the news through the lens of anxiety and helplessness, or we can stand in our power and make a change. Every single thing we do makes an impact in the world around us, even when we feel so disconnected.

With all that being said, these are my vows for the new year:

Spend less, make more.

Hug my friends and family.

Practice mindfulness.

Walk more, drive less.

Say no to plastic.

Think before I speak.

Educate myself.

Use my dollar wisely.

Now more than ever we need to remember that we are in this together; we are all connected and we can make this world a better place by being the best versions of ourselves.

It radiates.

With love,


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