Routine, reading break, and a new Girlhood Guide to Studying Like A Pro

Hello my friend,

Over the past week I have been on my "reading break". In the past I wouldn't have used this break for much reading, but this year I decided to buckle down and get on top of my school work. With so much on the go, I really strategized using this time off from classes to get ahead and set myself up for success as I head into the final stretch of the year.

Honestly, it was incredibly helpful and I'm super proud of myself for taking my education seriously.

Now I'm going back to classes with an understanding of the material and most of my upcoming essays already outlined so I can discuss them with my TA's. Most importantly, getting ahead during the break has allowed me to carve out time to work on my passion projects (which I absolutely love).

During the first semester I found myself pretty off balance and juggling WAY too many things at once. I wasn't following any sort of routine and was spending unnecessary amounts of time doing pointless tasks that set me behind. But it's a learning curve, and this semester I'm getting back into the swing of being in school.

Something that has really helped keep me motivated is following a consistent sleep and morning schedule / routine. This is something that I used to practice in Barcelona when I was living with the kids because I HAD to be up to take them to school every morning. However when I came back home and started living alone again, my routine became to have no routine. I was sleeping inconsistently and was always waking up exhausted and unable to do much in the mornings. This was pretty unfortunate because I know that I do my best writing in the first few hours after waking up, and I was wasting all that time where I could've been productive.

Over the break I started to practice aligning my sleep and morning schedule again and I have already noticed the world of a difference in my mood and effectiveness. What I've started doing again is putting my phone on airplane mode at 8pm and shutting down all screen activity around then. Between 8 and 10pm is my most creative time so I like to bake, paint, or do a nice long slow flow in the evening. Then I go to bed at 10:30, light a candle, and read or journal until I fall asleep. During this time I also write my top tasks for the following day and create a morning schedule in my journal to hold me accountable.

I have been keeping my phone charging in the kitchen and at 7:15am when my alarm goes off I am forced to get my booty up out of bed and turn it off. Before doing this I would hit the snooze button multiple times, but having to actually get up and turn off the alarm prevents me from doing this. I make my coffee and do a quick 15 minute yoga flow and meditation while it brews. Then I head immediately to my laptop and start writing. Whether it is a blog post (like this one) or a few paragraphs of an essay I'm working on, I just let the words flow and don't think too much about it- the editing happens later, I just brain dump. I usually write for about and hour or so and then I make myself a big breakfast and go about the rest of my day!

One of the biggest shifts in my routine has been working on my digital stuff in the morning / throughout the first half of the day and then shutting down all technology in the evenings. This helps me sleep better and keeps me on track because I know I wont be able to do it in the evening. It might sound like a small thing but it has made a huge difference already, and I am excited to keep this routine going and see how productive I can be!

In some of my down-time this week I created another Girlhood Guide with some of my favourite tips and tricks to help you study like a straight A student. I've included some helpful hacks for taking notes in class, studying, and even an essay writing checklist that you can use. This guide is 10 pages and it is jam packed with all of the things I have learned over my education journey thus far. Click here to download your FREE COPY, and let me know how much you love it!

That's all for today my loves, happy studying!

With love and light,


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