Solitude and social distancing

I am learning that solitude is sacred.

It is the state of being alone, all-one. Total, complete, and whole. But so many of us fear solitude and equate it to loneliness. Choosing to be alone with oneself is choosing to be present to the in-between. Whether that is in a room full of people, driving with crying children in the backseat, or sitting in stillness in the practice of meditation- the ability to “drop in” to oneself allows us to filter the external world, taking only the pieces which serve us. As humans we thrive in community, but we equally require solitude to truly flourish. To be able to cultivate solitude amongst the noise is a practice that we are not accustomed to, and it is a practice that takes patience. I am learning it everyday, and these are some of my practices:

  • Journalling before bed each night and unpacking my thoughts

  • Putting down the to-do list and going for a walk without headphones

  • Rolling out my yoga mat and practicing without music

  • Acknowledging my breath on the metro ride to school

  • Taking periods of time away from it all, away away

  • Unplugging my devices

  • Going upstairs to my room, closing the door, and reading a book

  • And sitting with spirit when I wake up each morning

We need periods of solitude in order to effectively navigate the world around us, so we can come back to ourselves and make decisions from a place of thoughtfulness. During this time of social distancing I have been trying to shift my perspective from loneliness to solitude, and embrace the quiet with gratitude.

What about you?

With love and light,


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