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It all started in 2018 with a goal of supporting young women through their unique and individual metamorphosis. We want girls to know that they are not alone in their experiences and to help guide them towards tools, techniques, and resources which help them foster a positive self concept. Through our workshops, resources, and mentorship program we aim provide a safe space to learn about one's body, mind, and soul while building a community of likeminded soul sisters. By talking about things that matter we are inspiring future leaders, so come join the fun.


Our Girlhood Guides:


Study smarter,
not harder.

This Girlhood Guide is all about creating effective and efficient study habits, essay writing 101, and how to find your "work flow". These 10 pages are full if resources and helpful hacks to get you studying like a pro. It's not about studying harder, it's about studying smarter.

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Have an
eco-friendly period

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Hey girlfriend,

It is no secret that this time of life is super hard. There is no shame in feeling your feels, and we are here to remind you that you are not alone. When you are feeling lost and confused the most important thing that you can do is reach out to people who can help you find your way back to yourself. That is exactly what this program is for. 

Vidya is a girlhood expert and she knows first hand the challenges of this metamorphosis. When she was in middle school she fell into a deep depression from a combination of bullying, lack of self esteem, some serious health challenges. Luckily Vidya had some amazing mentors and role models in her life who reminded her of her worth and helped her persevere. Her role models encouraged her to follow her individual path, to fall in love with her body and learn about her unique rhythms, and to turn to movement and mindfulness as medicine. 

10 years later Vidya is paying it forward. She is here to help YOU navigate this stage of life, the same way her mentors supported her. Unlike a counsellor or social worker, Vidya is a mentor. A neutral middle ground between friend and support person, she is professionally trained on how to coach and support young women through their unique process. For more information on Vidya's professional education, please click here.

By signing up for this program you will have exclusive access to 1:1 coaching and online resources such as digital workbooks, videos, and guided meditations.


the why behind our events:

Our engaging and educational events foster both community and connection. These events are safe spaces where girls can express themselves proudly, without fear of judgement or criticism. Through attending our events girls will learn the skills they need to be mentally resilient, mindful, and self-aware. Most importantly, we hope to build a sisterhood that honours, supports, and inspires each other to follow their unique dharma.



On a snowy November evening we gathered to celebrate our strength and determination. We crafted our very own inner strength bracelets and flowed to our own rhythm. Thank you to our friends at @StrongGirlsClubOrangeville for making this all happen, we couldn't have done it without you!


It was a magical day full of laughter and love. We opened the day with some raw conversation about what girls go through nowadays and shared our individual experiences. We cried on each others shoulders and hugged it out. Then we wrote love letters to ourselves and created our own self-love rituals. We twirled and danced in our favourite dress-up costumes and then gathered in a circle for a loving kindness meditation together. Delicious treats were eaten and new friendships were made.


We celebrated "Galentines Day" with a super special event co-hosted by our self love mentor @FranniesFoodFreedom - we learned all about self care by making some DIY body scrubs, practiced self expression with some fun yoga games, and created self love affirmations in our Girlhood Guides to remind ourselves that we are worthy of all things wonderful


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