In Sanskrit the word Vidya translates to wisdom, knowledge, or a true understanding of the world.

Vidya is a student above all things; a full time university student of Gender and Women's Studies, yoga student and teacher, and most importantly she is a student of life. She is an advocate and ally who supports women’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. Her practices and education are woven together by the common thread wellness and empowerment, and she strives to inspire womxn* to cultivate agency over their body, mind, and spirit.

After graduating top of her class from an all-girls high school (where she learned firsthand the brilliance of empowered women), Vidya attended the Concurrent Education program at Trent University with a major in Indigenous / Canadian Studies. In her second year of university her mother was diagnosed with a rare form of triple negative breast cancer and she decided to put her studies on hold. Her mother's journey back to health inspired Vidya to embark on a pilgrimage to India and pursue her first 250h Yoga Teacher Training where her mother grew up. There she was inspired by her maternal grandmother to study Ayurvedic healing traditions and learn about India's ancient systems of healing. 

Today Vidya has over 500h of yoga training ranging from prenatal yoga to meditation to vinyasa flow. Her unique teaching style is a blend of pranayama, creative movement, meditation, and laughter. She emphasizes the importance of mind-body-soul connection and “embodying one’s own body”. In her teaching students are inspired to explore themselves through creative and mindful movement. Vidya is a firm believer in the power of harnessing one's inner wisdom and the human right of self-expression.

Her primary intentions through her work are to help others cultivate a sense of calm, respectfully empower her clients to listen to their bodies and their inner wisdom, and to treat each client as an individual with respect and professionalism. 


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